Taste internationally acclaimed Japanese cuisine by Sushi Master Masaharu Morimoto in his signature sushi bar and restaurant at the idyllic setting of The Boca Raton Resort & Club.

Exclusive Dining - All dining reservations at Boca Resort & Club and Boca Beach Club must be accompanied by a resort guest or member.

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A World-Famous Sushi Restaurant

Internationally acclaimed for his extraordinary Japanese cuisine, Sushi Master Masaharu Morimoto’s signature sushi bar and restaurant offers a unique selection of sushi, sashimi and maki.

The Iron Chef’s menu selections are characterized by his creative ingredients. Morimoto Beer and Shochu, Morimoto Sake, and specialty martinis are also served. 

  • Located at the entrance to the Palm Court
  • Sushi
  • Omakase tasting menu
  • Raw bar
  • Soups and salads
  • Hot and cold entrees
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12pm - 3pm 


5pm - 10pm

Tel: 561-447-3000



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    japan takes manhattan 17
    niko whiskey, antica carpano vermouth, bitters

    ginjo lychee 15
    kettle one citron, lychee vodka, ginjo sake, lychee juice and cranberry juice

    ginger pear 16
    grey goose la piore, domaine di canton ginger liqueur, fresh lemon juice, ginger honey, simple syrup

    nippon fizz 16
    michter’s whiskey, ruby port, lemon juice, soda

    remon mist 14
    junmai sake, freshly squeezed florida citrus


    morimoto ‘junmai’
    subtle aromas of honeyed walnuts with a soft sweet finish
    10oz carafe 24 / masu 14 / 1.8 liter 140

    morimoto ‘ginjo’
    caramelized pear aromas with a ripe stone fruit finish
    10oz carafe 34 / masu 17 / 1.8 liter 219

    morimoto ‘ daiginjo’
    melon and honeysuckle fragrance with a rich texture
    10oz carafe 44 / masu 23 / 1.8 liter 253

    plum-infused junmai
    infused with organic plums, it releases beautiful aromas of fruit. pleasant acidity and sweetness
    2 oz glass 15 / 750 ml 80

    nigori junmai
    this unfiltered sake is flavorful, full, and creamy. fairly dry, with abundant flavors of fresh fruit / 376 ml 46



    Toasty honey-graham aromas with a sweet chili pepper finish
    2 oz. glass 15 / bottle (300ml) 79

    Fragrant chestnut and Highland Malt aromas with a walnut cream finish
    2 oz. glass 25 / bottle (500ml) 185

    Spiced pumpkin and citrus oil aromas with a lingering tropical fruit finish
    2 oz. glass 65 / bottle (500ml) 500



    Likened to vodka, shochu is a more delicate spirit, lower in alcohol and made from a variety of grains and local crops. Shochu is traditionally consumed in the south of Japan, where a warm climate makes shochu production easier than that of sake. In the past few years shochu has experienced a huge boom across Japan, thanks to its light nature and varied styles. Shochu is best served on the rocks.

    Kome (rice) shochu/made from select yamada-nishiki rice, fragrant with clean finish (2oz glass) 15 / bottle 150 (750ml )




    jcb n°69 rose cremant de bourgogne 17/65
    jp chenet 10/38
    veuve clicqout 34/160
    chandon brut classic 15/59


    chardonnay, cakebread 22/95
    chardonnay, sonoma cutrer 14/55
    sauvignon blanc, cloudy bay 16/65
    pinot grigio, borgo conventi 11/42
    pinot grigio, santa margherita 18/69
    riesling, wente riverbank 10/38


    cabernet sauvignon, daou reserve 25/98
    pinot noir, meiomi 15/60
    malbec, bodega norton reserve 13/52


    **Gratuity not included. A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more. Prices are subject to 6% Florida state tax. *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.


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    Toro tartare/tartare of tuna belly with caviar, fresh wasabi 28

    Hamachi tartare/tartare of yellow tail with caviar, fresh wasabi 23

    Morimoto sashimi/five assorted sashimi with seven sauces 30

    Tuna pizza/crispy tortilla, tuna sashimi, jalapeno, tomato, red onion, anchovy sauce, olives 19

    Wahoo tataki/seared wahoo, marinated vegetables, scallion, ponzu sauce, sesame seeds 21

    Morimoto ceviche/chef’s selection of fresh seafood, tobiko, cucumber, tomato, ceviche sauce 22

    Carpaccio/thinly sliced with hot oil, ginger, chives, touch of garlic

    Chef’s choice of fish 20 — octopus / 22 beef / 28


    Edamame/fresh soy beans with sea salt 9

    Rock shrimp kochujan/with spicy “kochujan” aioli 22

    Rock shrimp wasabi/with sweet “wasabi” aioli 22

    Teriyaki chicken/Morimoto teriyaki sauce, steamed rice 17

    Kobe style katsu/crisp minced beef, caramelized onions, tomato, cabbage, katsu sauce, toasted white bread 25

    Vegetable tempura/light soy dipping sauce 16


    Tofu miso soup/white miso broth, silken tofu 9

    Clam miso soup/white miso broth, little neck clams 12


    Mixed green salad/yuzu vinaigrette 8

    Sashimi salad/mixed greens, tuna tataki, soy dressing 19

    Calamari tempura salad/mixed greens, white miso vinaigrette 14


    Rainbow roll/spicy tuna, tobiko, asparagus, cucumber, scallion, topped with tuna, salmon, yellow tail, avocado 25

    Soft shell crab maki/deep-fried soft shell crab, asparagus, tobiko, avocado, spicy sauce 14

    Shrimp tempura maki/tempura shrimp, asparagus, spicy sauce 12 

    California maki/fresh crab, cucumber, avocado 10

    Eel avocado maki/BBQ eel, avocado 11

    Spicy tuna maki/chopped tuna, scallion, spicy sauce 12

    Spicy salmon maki/chopped salmon, scallion, spicy sauce 12

    Spicy yellowtail maki/chopped yellowtail, scallion, spicy sauce 12

    Negitoro maki/chopped toro, scallion 15

    Tekka maki/tuna 11

    Negihama maki/chopped yellowtail, scallion 11

    Futomaki/tamago, inari, kanpyo, cucumber, avocado, asparagus 10

    Kappa maki/cucumber 7

    Ume shiso maki/shiso leaf, plum paste, cucumber 7

    Avocado maki/avocado 7

    Spicy vegetable tempura maki/tempura squash, tempura asparagus, spicy sauce 8

    Seasonal vegetable maki/chef’s selection of fresh market vegetables 8

    Kanpyo maki/sweet gourd 6



    Chirashi/chef’s choice of sashimi that are arranged artfully on top of sushi rice 38


    Toro/premium fatty tuna MP

    Sake/salmon 6

    Anago/sea eel

    Unagi/fresh water eel 6

    King salmon

    White Fish

    Wahoo/with vegetables topping, ponzu sauce 6

    Shima aji/Japanese striped jack

    Tai/Japanese snapper 6



    Beef 8


    Kasutera/custard omelette (sashimi only)


    Blue Skin

    Saba/boston mackerel 5

    Kohada/shad 5



    Hotate/scallop 7

    Kani/crab 5

    Ebi/shrimp 5

    Conch 5

    Tako/octopus 6

    Ika/squid 6


    Ikura/salmon roe 6

    Tobiko/flying fish roe 5

    Uni/sea urchin 9


    Shiitake mushroom 5

    Avocado 4

    Inari/sweet cooked tofu 4



    Sushi, maki combo (7 nigiri, 1 roll) 50 

    Sushi, maki combo deluxe (12 nigiri, 2 rolls) 75 

    Sashimi combo (16 sashimi) 75

    Morimoto logo cap/black or white 28
    see server