Boca Raton’s Most Timeless Romance

The enchanting love story of Mrs. Sondra and Mr. Allan Voluck begins with the iconic Boca Resort.

The enchanting love story of Mrs. Sondra and Mr. Allan Voluck begins with the iconic Boca Resort. Northerners who welcomed the warm weather of Boca Raton, Sondra and her family were loyal guests of the Boca Resort before membership was even introduced, while Allan was stationed at the Resort in the air force as an Aviation Cadet prior to the Sheins purchasing the property. Thus, making them some of the longest standing members of the Boca Raton Resort & Club.

Their romance was, and still is, one for the books. This is their love story.

The beginning of this tale starts at a party, one hosted by Allan in fact. Sondra was excited to attend the festivities since a year prior she had heard “through the grapevine” that Allan was a good-looking single fellow. At the party, Sondra overheard that Allan would be staying at the Boca Resort over the holidays. Sondra’s family was not planning on vacationing at the resort during that time so she, 19 years old at the time, did everything in her power to convince her parents into letting her travel to the Boca Resort on her own.

After much pleading, Sondra’s parents did allow her and her brother to travel to the resort after confirming that the Shein family, who owned the resort at the time and who were close friends with Sondra’s family, would keep a watchful eye on them.

Upon arrival, knowing Allan would be at the Boca Resort, Sondra asked a beach club employee to make sure that if he were to arrive he would be assigned the beach cabana next to hers. So, every day for five days Sondra awaited Allan’s arrival, but he never showed up at his cabana. Finally, when Sondra did bump into him on the beach she marched right up to him and asked him to dinner, to which he, of course, replied yes.

As time went on Allan and Sondra quickly fell in love. They were engaged in March and married by June. A New Yorker at heart, Sandra never thought she’d leave her New York roots behind to move to Philadelphia, but for Allan, and for love, she did.

They spent countless vacations at their cabana at the Boca Beach Club. As they remembered dining and dancing in the historic Cathedral Room at night, a light shined in their eyes. Lovely memories of the days when they first met and the winter days spent in sunny Florida warm their hearts. To this day, the Boca Beach Club holds their fondest memories at the Boca Resort and the resort’s 90th anniversary offers an opportunity for them to reflect on their enchanting love story.

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